here's how I do it

Knit with working yarn to color change.

Move new yarn under old yarn.

Pick up new yarn and knit to next color change.
(Don't be confused by my hand. I'm holding the old yarn just to show that the new yarn is coming up from behind and to the right of the old yarn before being wrapped around the needle to knit the next stitch.)

purling the same way

Purl with working yarn to color change.

Move new yarn under and to right of old yarn and then continue purling with new yarn.

doing the bobbin walk

I like to make nice bobbins and keep them all organized on my lap or the table in front of me (otherwise I would completely freak out). Unfortunately for me everything can get messy this way, 'cause I want to just set down the bobbin when and where that yarn is no longer being used. (I mean, I got enough to worry about already!) But that would mean that when I finished a row the oldest yarn bobbin would be on my far right just as the oldest color area is on the far right of the needle and that makes a big huge tangled mess when I turn my work, since you knit from right to left and I'll need the last yarn I used (which is now over to the left) first. I, for one, cannot psychologically handle that sort of yarn criss-crossing and general disorder!

OK, all the bobbins are in order NOW - that is, the last yarn I used before turning (coming from the skein) is on the right side where I need it to start purling back. But how to keep them that way?

What I do at each color change is to bring the new yarn, as described above, under and to the right of the yarn from the previous color area, and then place the bobbin to the right of all other bobbins, scooting the older bobbins one after another leftwards. This is my little bobbin walk and it results in the oldest yarn (the skein in the photo above) slowly moving its way back to the left.

So when I get to the end of the row, the last yarn will sort of lay over all the other yarns which have formed a lovely kind of fan shape above my work.

Now when I flip, everything is perfect. Just the way I like it! [Note: This is not a particularly fast method, but it's the one that allows me to knit calmly with all those crazy bobbins.]

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