comments: wild & wooly: curing your winter blues

Wow Alison, no wonder you are tired as it's already Saturday for you on Friday! ;-) With two kids myself I know how you get there.

Hope you saved something for me at W&W - am heading there tomorrow morning.

posted by Katie on january 14, 2005

Ooooh, pretty colors. I saw that sweater in VK. Very nice... Lots of good stuff in this issue. And I love the idea of a yarn sale that people wake up early to stake out - much cooler than rushing Wal-Mart on Black Friday!!!

posted by Farrah on january 14, 2005

That blue is totally gorgeous.

posted by Jackie on january 14, 2005

I love that sweater from VK. Now I want to knit it, too!

posted by Madalyn on january 14, 2005

Isn't it fun to get new yarn? The blue will look awesome on you.

posted by LeAnne on january 14, 2005

Excellent yarn selections. Can't wait to see that blue sweater!

posted by General Ginger on january 14, 2005

Great choices. I haven't even seen the new vogue yet.

posted by julia on january 14, 2005

Oh, I love the Pippi Kneestockings - I wonder if I can re-size them to fit my 8 years old.

posted by Lu on january 14, 2005

Is it that time of year AGAIN?!? Damn, I miss opening day every time . . .

posted by Kerstin on january 14, 2005

That sweater is so *you.* In blue, of course.

posted by Jessica on january 14, 2005

that is a really nice blue,a lot of people seem to like that sweater,it's on my to-do list too

posted by cara on january 14, 2005

I'm jealous...none of our LYS have yarn sales except for the odd ball baskets! Hope the new yarn distracts you from the peekaboo reknit project (starting a new project is such fun)!!!

posted by leslie on january 14, 2005

Missed you at W&W. I arrived at 8:30 as a volunteer helper. Glad to see that the BS went to A Worthy Individual. (I looked for that particular mixed bag when I arrived, having seen it packaged up the previous night.) Happy kneesox, -K.

posted by kbsalazar on january 15, 2005

oh that vogue sweater will be fabulous on you! Love the collar - and in that blue of course will be yummy indeed.

posted by gaile on january 15, 2005


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