comments: downy: saving your winter blues

downy usually makes everything oh-so-soft. Let us know how it turns out! Do you have a downy ball? those rock!

posted by tania on january 16, 2005

"You're doing great baby!!!
Keep climbing baby...
Are you really going to eat that soup you puked in, baby?"

I agree with you! I don't call my husband baby...but it seems to be very in on the Amazing Race!

posted by Donna Boucher on january 16, 2005

I think you'd be able to hide a very deep v-necked t-shirt under that shawl collar. Beautiful sweater and nice colour.

posted by Steph on january 16, 2005

I mentioned to my husband last Tuesday, "If we played an Amazing Race drinking game, and took a drink every time someone said 'baby,' we'd be passed out in about 60 seconds."

posted by Natalie on january 16, 2005

I think a fine-rib turtleneck, something form-fitting, would look just fine underneath that sweater. But then, I'm a turtleneck girl all the way. All turtles, all the time, all winter long. :o)

posted by Meg on january 16, 2005

Looks great, bay-bee! I can't wait to see the sweater emerge.

posted by Colleen on january 17, 2005

Love the swatch, bay-bee! ;)

posted by Liz on january 17, 2005

Wow, that is one sexy sweater. It's going to look great in your color.

posted by Susie on january 17, 2005

Amen on the Amazing Race thoughts....of course then there's those two who just call each other "stupid" ;)

posted by CrissyPo on january 17, 2005

Here's a great conditioning treatment for scratchy wool:

Gently soak garment in cool water that has had mixed into it:

1 cap of Infusium 23
2 caps Tresemme

Both of these can be bought in most large grocery stores

posted by Nickie on january 17, 2005


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