comments: in january, it would be so nice, while slipping on the sliding ice...,

Alison, sorry the sweater is a bust; however, I love that Phildar pattern! I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

posted by Kristy on january 23, 2005

HELP ME I'M SNOWBOUND WITH A TODDLER...but i guess that's easier than twins...are you going to try to brave the elements this afternoon and hike over to knitsmiths?

posted by lisa b on january 23, 2005

All that's so beautiful. What a great excuse to curl up and rip away. :)

posted by Kim on january 23, 2005

I hope you do not run out of wool before you can leave the house. But seriously that snow is incredible. Good luck keeping the boys busy!

posted by Ellen on january 23, 2005

We got about that much snow here too! but thankfully I live in an apt. so I don't have to shovel! goodness, I think you're stuck in for awhile, there.

posted by Jackie on january 23, 2005

Blizzard! I so love snow....

As you well know, better to rip sooner than later.

posted by claudia on january 23, 2005


The snow is pretty. So is the new joice of sweater. I know it stinks to pull it out, but it doesn't look like you'll be going anywhere for a while ;). Stay warm.

posted by Kristin on january 23, 2005

Hello..found your are a wonder knitter!! I am a beginner or sorts. I saw the striped sock you made -I am looking for some advice about doing both socks- at once - on two sets of circular needles. Is that how you do yours?...Can you recomend a book or a site where I might find out how to do this?
Keep up the beautiful knitting....
Claudia in ND

posted by Claudia on january 23, 2005

In February it will be...
My snowman's anniversary.
With cake for him, and yarn for me!
lol...did no other moms get that reference?

We have lots of snow in western MA, too. I'm off to make soup, hope to get some knitting time later while DH is watching the Patriots game.

I agree with Claudia, better to rip now than later.

posted by Katy on january 23, 2005

I just got here, Katy, but I got the reference as soon as I read it. It's time for me to take that book out again :-).

posted by Dani on january 23, 2005

I love the new pattern!

posted by Jess on january 23, 2005

I like the new pattern so much more! I hope you didn't trek out to Knitsmiths; if you did, you all are either super-dedicated, or super-nuts!

posted by Dava on january 23, 2005

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your sharing of your process.... It often happens that projects take a turn or two and it is so comforting to know that this happens to very experienced knitters. you obviously give a lot of thought to your knitting and because of that your finished items are lovely and wearable. I read your blog everyday for a smile and inspiration. You are the best! nancy

posted by nancy on january 23, 2005

Now that I am back in Singapore, I am missing all the cold and snow that Beijing have. Leave soon for me!

posted by Emy on january 24, 2005

Pics of finished sockapalooza-socks on my blog. I hope they will do...

A tip: I'll be sending my pal a few lengths of all the colours I used. If my pal loves the socks, and wear them a lot they might need some repair or darning sooner or later, and since my pal lives in a different part of the world it will be dificult to find the same yarn. (Anyway may coloured yarn is plant dyed, so it wil be impossible!)

posted by Helene on january 24, 2005

nice rhymin', simon! :)

posted by carolyn on january 24, 2005

The other sweater also looks very nice. Thanks for the snow pictures, AMAZING. Stay warm.

posted by Orli on january 24, 2005

Send that snow our way! The slopes were closed all last week due to so much rain. I wanna go skiing. :-)

posted by Anita on january 24, 2005

I luv the new sweater better. BTW, what pattern is that?

posted by Liz on january 24, 2005

See, I heard Carole King singing as soon as I read that post title. Really Rosie was my FAVORITE when I was a little kid. I'll have to get it for John -- thanks for the reminder!

posted by Brynne on january 24, 2005

Wow, serious knitting ennui happening at chez alison this week eh! Love the new design though, it looks like 'you!'

posted by gaile on january 24, 2005

Doh! I didn't mention where the new pattern is from. It's in Phildar's Automne 2003 book.

posted by alison on january 25, 2005


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