comments: it's still january

Is this the VK sweater that you've rethought?

posted by Colleen on january 28, 2005

Yeah, Colleen. Follow the "january" link to go to the project archive page and the new pattern is listed at the top.

posted by alison on january 28, 2005

hi alison! i love the looks of the january sweater -- can't wait to see how it turns out. if it's not too late, can i be added to the list of fix-a-thon'ers? i'm embarassed to admit to the number of projects i have stuffed in a basket waiting for some help before they can be worn!

posted by heather on january 28, 2005

Alison, you're a clever girl - I would never have thought to use a ball winder to unravel knitting. Thanks for the idea!

posted by nona on january 28, 2005

Just found your blog by following the Weasely along. Love the sweater. Any idea how I can get hold of the pattern? Tried ebay with no luck. We are listening to the books on CD and the kids would go nuts for thier own Weasleys.

posted by Shirra on january 28, 2005

I like your gadgets.

posted by Orli on january 30, 2005


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