comments: bring january back

I've decided to do my own kind of fixing in february. I can't think of anything to rip and reknit, so I'll give some old knits some TLC, and hope they'll last a little longer. Hope I can play along anyway...

posted by Helene on february 2, 2005

oooh, but it looks nice!

posted by tania on february 2, 2005

It's crazy how fast January came and went. I can see how you got confused with all the 4's and 6's.

posted by Vicki on february 2, 2005

Ouch! The numbers are so similar that I had to read it twice to actually see what the difference was! You crazy fixer-upper! How many sweaters are you going to fix this month?!

posted by Stacey on february 2, 2005

I have SO done that same thing. But it looks beautiful. Power of positive thinking. ;-)

posted by Jenny on february 2, 2005

It looks like it will work out - it doesn't look totally devoid of shaping. I think the color will be fantastic, too. It matches your blog nicely. Just like Picasso, you must be in your Blue Period! Or maybe I haven't been reading your blog long enough, and you only have a blue period. Can't wait to see how this sweater turns out!

posted by Anne-Caroline on february 2, 2005

Oh, oops,good job it is! But watch out,no more oopsies, as February is shorter!

posted by valentina on february 2, 2005


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