comments: what I did on my sudden vacation

What a wonderful day out! That blue sweater will definitely put a smile on the hubby's face!

posted by leslie on february 10, 2005

Oh, yeah, bead stores are *very* cool. I spent a good chunk of my high-school income at the Northampton Beadworks.

Sounds like you had a great day, and a much-needed break!

posted by Colleen on february 10, 2005

Hey, somehow I missed which sweater that is from way back when. Now that I see the front, I know -- I'm making the same one! And yes, having just split for the placket, am having the same NAVEL!? sort of issues. am holding my breath and trusting the pattern.

posted by Ann on february 10, 2005

Yes, that bead store is awesome! I have been to other ones since, but that one in Harvard Sq is the only one that actually inspires me to even try to make my own jewelry. So, is your LYS Woolcott? I don't live in Cambridge anymore, but Woolcott was my very first LYS...great place!

posted by Anne-Caroline on february 10, 2005

Oh, I loved Beadworks when I was living in Boston. I would always buy lots of beads when I was in there - having lots of gradiose ideas - and then never really do anything with them.
Glad to hear you had a good Mommy Day Off.

posted by Cathy on february 10, 2005

Warning: beads are addictive. That's how my business started. Lady, you need to get out more. Beadworks has been there for years! (I think you should get a day off every week. Esp. since you don't have the pre-school break. You have to pace yourself ... motherhood is a helluva marathon and you've many miles to go yet.) Glad you enjoyed your day off!

posted by Kerstin on february 10, 2005

Bead stores are great! There's one pretty close to where my parents live, and it isn't the absolute best bead store I can imagine, it is so fun! Be careful though, it adds up quick! You think, oh, I only have a handful of beads and the total kinda takes your breath away. Guess it is sorta like the yarn store :)

posted by Vicki on february 10, 2005

I actually ran into Colleen at Woolcott yesterday, but to answer your question Anne-Caroline, no, they are not my LYS. I do not like them AT ALL and have pretty much vowed never to give them my money.

I'm not so worried about a big bead addiction forming, since I honestly do not wear any jewelry and wouldn't have anything to make. Although I had the same feeling as I did when walking into a high-end yarn store for the first time, the difference is that I do wear sweaters. I still think it would be fun to take a class, make a bracelet and learn a little bit about how they're made.

Kerstin, I'd forgotten that you'd had a jewelry business! So that's how it all started, huh? And you know, I'd forgotten about Harvard Sq too. With two babies in a double-wide stroller, riding the T was really out of the question for a few years there and parking up in the square is such a rip off. We've been suburban-ing it more until recently. I just happened to ride up there yesterday to see a movie.

And as for a day off a week, well, that would be lovely. Just as soon as we win the lottery... ;0)

posted by alison on february 10, 2005

Vintage stores MUST be visited alone, as you know. But you need to go more! Aren't they GREAT????!!

posted by LeAnne on february 10, 2005

Sounds like a fun day! Beads are totally addictive. I started out like you, just wondering into a bead shop, and now my jewelry making supplies and beads put a serious dent in my yarn storage closet! And I never used to wear jewelry either!

posted by Nicole on february 10, 2005

I live less than a mile from Wolcott and I completely agree with you, Alison. Even though they are the closest yarn store to me, they are offically banned from my shopping list.

With all the great places out there with great service and stock, I figure it's best not to waste my time there.

...and I'm contemplating the same future addiction with beads. I made the Maryella from the winter Knitty - what a great project! I recommend it as long as working on a tiny scale doesn't bother you.

posted by sara on february 10, 2005

sounds like a wonderful day off. Isn't it fun to just do nothing in particular, and do only what you deem fun at the moment. I love days like that. I get one in a couple of weeks, President's Day! Woo hoo, the one day extra I get off the rest of the world necessarily doesn't.

posted by Rebekah on february 10, 2005

uh oh i can see the headlines now: crazy blue blog lady takes up another hobby and suddenly there's a bead shortage on the east coast!!!

posted by carolyn on february 10, 2005

Uh OH look out! Beads are beyond addicting. I love jewelry and trying to recreate t he high end jewelry designs with my own beads. However I have almost as big a stash of beads now as I do yarn. Just don't buy any bead work magazines. Bead and Button for example.

posted by Elizabeth on february 10, 2005

Beadworks is great for big beads, but if you are ever in need of seed beads, perhaps for knitting, or just for stringing, Crystal Blue Beading Co. in Watertown is the place to go. They also have fun classes. I've been thinking of taking one for ages, maybe we can do it together!

posted by Johanna on february 10, 2005

Is your local vintage store the one by the trophy store and the Japanese store by the Brigham and Women's Physicians Services, or whatever it is? That's a lovely shop! I"m always tempted by their suit jackets and the quilted jackets!

Also, beads- what's not to love about pretty shiny objects?

posted by erin on february 10, 2005

Congrats on the good find. I love it when I go into a store like that and find something that wonderful.
Thanks for the link to that Tartan Jacket picture. It's beautiful!

posted by Michelle on february 10, 2005

I was the same way the first time I walked into a bead store. The colors are so beautiful and the magazines make it look so easy to make a necklace or bracelet. Luckily, I don't have such a store close by or else I would be in real trouble!

posted by Dani on february 10, 2005

Oh, good day! You need a day off now and then. The January sweater is the most awesome color of blue!

posted by Jenny on february 11, 2005

sounds like a great day off! If you think two toddlers would be bad in the vintage store just think of what could go wrong in the bead shop! I took Isabelle into one today and it was ugly.

posted by jo on february 11, 2005

Beadworks is great for inspiration, but overpriced. Crystal Blue Bead Co. in Watertown is good, as is another Watertown store (on Galen St.--can't remember the name, but has great gemstone beads). If you really want beads, FireMountain Gems is the best (

posted by Rose on february 15, 2005


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