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Oh! I'm so inspired by the ripping-of-store-bought-sweaters exercise! I've got a lovely green lambswool one that is GINORMOUS from the 80s and I still love it, but the fit does NOTHING for me. But it is very high quality.....Do I dare? I just love this so appeals to the cheap Yankee/recycler practicality in me. Almost makes me want to start taking more trips to the thrift store looking for finds to rip, also....(have you created a monster?)

posted by Norma on february 12, 2005

You have the most adorable kids! OMG, Lazy Town? I've never heard of it. Aparently I'm out of the kid loop now that I'm not working at a day care.

posted by Vicki on february 12, 2005

I wrote up a yarn recycling info page here, it might help others too:

I've stopped buying sweaters because I have around 6 that still need to be unravelled. I'm waiting until I actually need the yarn. I found it's really fun at first but it becomes work after you unravel a half dozen or so sweaters and you start to think "Actually I'd rather be using this time to knit right now." It'll seem worth the time/effort when I need the yarn though.

posted by Kristi on february 12, 2005

Ah, yes, the power of Lazy Town! My 3-yr-old is fascinated by it, too, and even my older two boys (8 and 6) will watch it with him on occasion-- usually we get a lot of math done during LT because the 3-yr-old is so preoccupied!

(Did you see Robbie Rotten as the Birthday Fairy, tutu and all? I just about hurt myself laughing...)

posted by carie on february 12, 2005

If buying a yarn swift is what it takes to get my daughter to stop watching that horrible Robbie Rotten, well, I'll start saving my pennies.

posted by Peggy on february 12, 2005

Lazy Town! The power of Spartacus! I think my boy has asked 15 times to squeeze oranges for breakfast so he can jump high like Spartacus. I had to tell him its not oranges that make you jump high but broccoli (hehehehe).

posted by suzanne on february 12, 2005

Isn't that funny Suzanne, that's exactly what my boys always say about Sportacus: "he can jump up really high". But instead of asking for oranges or carrots like in the show, the only thing that stuck with them was "sports candy"!

posted by alison on february 12, 2005

You are right, the collar on January is very elegant. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Pop.
I started unravelling a cardigan about a year ago, but got terribly distracted. With all that recycling action going on everywhere, I should pick it up and finish already. It is mostly silk, after all, and perfect for a little spring/summer something.

posted by valentina on february 12, 2005


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