comments: I'm on fire!

Common' baby light my fire!

Your boys are great! Creative just like momma.


posted by Miz Booshay on february 16, 2005

That has to be one of the best photos I've ever seen! Your boys look gorgeous, I love it!

posted by kerrie on february 16, 2005

the lego people at the tips of the fire are a nice touch!

posted by Leigh on february 16, 2005

I'm not sure what's worse--that peaceful silence that makes you compelled to check the kids, or the sounds of them conspiring.

If you break the silence, you risk disturbing them and your "free" time, but if you don't check...

Very creative though, all of you.

posted by Steph on february 16, 2005

That's a wonderful picture! One for the scrap book for sure. The sleeves look great too, I really like that blue. Congrats on making it to the end of January!

posted by Kristin on february 16, 2005

What kind of Legos are those that curve? Very cool. Think of the possibilities! Arches, buttresses.... Oooh, gotta go to the toystore.

posted by Colleen on february 16, 2005

Good one, Kristin! Yes, I've made it to the end of January and it's only mid-February. Very impressive, right? ;0)

The boys are starting to get really creative with their legos. They have the big legos (lego primo) that they got as babies and now the duplo legos too. The big ones are really great for small kids because they go together so easily and stay together well. And yes, a stack will even curve and bend before it falls apart. It opens up whole new worlds of building!

posted by alison on february 16, 2005

That picture is great...what creative little guys you have. I can just hear them whispering and conspiring to make fire. So funny.

posted by stacey on february 16, 2005

I cannot wait to see your Jan. sweater put together -- no pressure -- I'm particularly curious to see the long, belly button length placket. I'm itching to make a spring sweater in lavender and have been thinking about that neckline.

posted by nona on february 16, 2005

Those are perhaps the coolest lego sculptures I have ever seen. Your boys are so awesome!

posted by Jenny on february 16, 2005

Love that picture. Pictures on your site are uniformly good. What camera do you use? I came across these instructions for unravellling sweaters this morning and thought readers of your blog would be interested:

posted by Elizabeth on february 16, 2005

Oh I love that picture. They are adorable. Nice work on January - you are very speedy!

posted by Lisa on february 16, 2005

Too flipping cute!!!

Curved legos, very neat.

posted by Dawnya on february 16, 2005

Oh, the cuteness.

posted by Iris on february 16, 2005

My boys (15 and 13) are 20 mos apart and I loved to sit still and listen to them play.

Your guys positively shine!

posted by Sandy on february 16, 2005

You really do some to tearing through your projects again! Your boys really do pull some of the best faces I have ever seen, you can see so much of their personalities in the shots you post.

posted by jo on february 16, 2005

ahhahaha boys...!

posted by tania on february 16, 2005

great, great photo -- puts a big smile on my face (And my daughter's)!

posted by mrspilkington on february 16, 2005

Another thing you don't want to overhear is "Jump, I'll catch you," especially if the words come from the backyard and the child in question is on the roof.

posted by Susie on february 16, 2005

That photo is HILARIOUS. Definitely one for the books. What total cuties. They are looking so much older (like Ian!)....

posted by karen on february 16, 2005

haha ur boys are really adorable. I like their styles.. hehe make a fire indeed...:)

posted by LauraY on february 17, 2005

I love the blue yarn!! What creative children! Isn't it amazing how their little minds work!
I have a feeling you can only knit when they are alseep, or they might need your yarn for a "project" of their own!

posted by knitting maven on february 17, 2005

that's exactly what my then 4yo brother said to my then 5yo brother just after we'd moved to a brand new house. And the fire was real - in a packing crate upstairs, just outside the bedroom where my then 0yr baby sister was sleeping! We didn't have a phone, my mother was on her own with us kids, she had to brave the fire to rescue baby sis! We all survived, the house needed redecorating!
Dawn :)

posted by dawn on february 17, 2005


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