comments: blue collar knitting

Looking good, speed knitter! Can hardly wait to see the finished sweater!

posted by Leslie on february 18, 2005

Oh, she looks lovely. I have forgotton what the finished January looks like and can't picture how its going to turn out yet..

posted by kerrie on february 18, 2005

Beautiful - the color is just wonderful!

posted by jackie on february 18, 2005

Congratulations on the new (almost) FO. :)

posted by Cathy on february 18, 2005

You're SO fast! I'm eager to see your finished product, since you're at least a week ahead of me. Meanwhile, I've been looking for cute camis and blouses to wear under mine, when done....

posted by Ann on february 18, 2005

Fantastic and very pretty.

posted by General Ginger on february 18, 2005

Looks great!

posted by Colleen on february 18, 2005

hubba hubba, that's going to be one sexy sweater. Looks great.

posted by alison a. on february 18, 2005

My what a pretty little neckline you have!

posted by Silvia on february 18, 2005

It looks great! I love slits like that :)

posted by Vicki on february 18, 2005

I can't wait to see this done, this is one of those styles (the unusual neckline) I would be too scared to embark on without seeing more pictures of different bodies wearing it. But yours is looking so great I can tell I will be wondering what I was feeling cautious about as soon as I see it on you!

posted by jo on february 18, 2005

Oh, it looks fantastic! Looks very near done!

posted by Anne-Caroline on february 18, 2005

Cute cute cute! I love where the neck edge meets the front edges. Can't wait to see it done!

posted by Johanna on february 18, 2005

Isn't she pretty!!

posted by Kirstie on february 19, 2005

From my screen it looks the color of corn flower blue!! How striking. Your finish work is so perfect. Congrats.

posted by Donna on february 19, 2005

Looks just beautiful. I loves me a blue sweater. Actually a blue anything!

posted by Julia on february 21, 2005


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