comments: january's over

Looks great on you. Very flattering. I don't blame you for calling this one a keeper!

posted by Violet on february 27, 2005

that sweater looks great! it's on my to do list, too. you've inspired me to start it now. lovely!

posted by thuy on february 27, 2005

Looking fabulous, indeed! Way to go!

posted by grumperina on february 27, 2005

looks fantastic! that deep neckline is just beautiful!

posted by froggy on february 27, 2005

wow, that sweater's really lovely. and it looks perfect on you - definitely no frogging with this one!

i love phildar patterns, they're so clean-looking and elegant -- and this one is a perfect example. this is definitely going on my neverending to-knit list. ;)

posted by andrea on february 27, 2005

I love it! Our favorite color, too. BTW, I posted about my sock pal sock this week, so hop on over and check it out for Tuesday.

posted by Julia on february 27, 2005

Wow! January looks so great on you, such a flattering sweater. I am jealous.

posted by jo on february 27, 2005

Beautiful! :)

posted by Jessica on february 27, 2005

Wow, it looks great! Very flattering

posted by Dani on february 27, 2005

Looks great Alison! Beautiful color - very professional.

posted by Kyla on february 27, 2005

I hope you wear it to Knitsmiths to show off! Looks great!

posted by Dava on february 27, 2005

Beautiful sweater!!! Definately a keeper!

posted by kimberli on february 27, 2005

Very stylish! I love, love, love the neckline. This one is going on my wish list.

posted by Lisa on february 27, 2005

Wow, the sweater looks like a perfect fit on you! It makes me want to knit that pattern all the more!

posted by Monica on february 27, 2005

Oh, it looks fantastic! And that is a wonderful color on you. It's inspiring me to finish the sweater I am working on... Happy knitting!

posted by Anne-Caroline on february 27, 2005

So beautiful, and it looks so versatile too- it would look great with a lace-edged tank underneath (although maybe it's too scratchy to do that). Love the color!

posted by Cathi on february 27, 2005

The fit is perfect and so unique! Two thumbs up!

posted by leslie on february 27, 2005

Wow...that looks really fabulous on you! The colour is great and the drape is perfect! Good stuff!

posted by Heather on february 27, 2005

Congrats on finishing!
It looks fab!

posted by Lindsay on february 27, 2005

That is an absolutely fabulous sweater, and it looks terrific on you. It's extremely flattering. Now I have to go and find that Phildar magazine, because I MUST HAVE IT! :)

posted by alison a. on february 27, 2005


posted by General Ginger on february 27, 2005

Wow, that is very lovely! The colour, the style, everything. I love it very much.

posted by Karlie on february 27, 2005

Congrats on a great project! It looks wonderful on you.

posted by monica on february 27, 2005

January looks wonderful! I'm glad your February Fix-it ended on such a happy note. :)

posted by Cathy on february 27, 2005

Wow, your sweater looks fabulous! I'm knitting a sweater from that same Phildar right now, and it was a decision between the one you made, and the one I chose. I love that pattern! Great job!

posted by Carrie on february 27, 2005

Looks great! I love the neckline.

posted by Colleen on february 28, 2005

Alison - it's fantastic! Really, really flattering, both in shape and in color. The neckline looks good ... you've satisfied my own minor misgivings about (im)modesty. Which size did you make?

posted by Ann on february 28, 2005

Just saw the new magknits! WOOOW!!! Were you ever a professional model?? Great that the pattern comes in so many sizes and with so many possabilities. Congratulations!!

posted by Helene on february 28, 2005

Ooh la la! Beautiful, particularly the top of the collar: it lies perfectly around your neckline. And someday soon it'll be warm enough to try a tank. :)

posted by Daphne on february 28, 2005

It looks amazing on you. Great color, love the neckline. You're right, it's definitely a winner :)

posted by Vicki on march 1, 2005

GREAT sweater. The color is gorgeous, and it really suits you. Great end to the froggin' month.

posted by Jenny on march 1, 2005

It looks lovely - very elegant! Congratulations on Magknits as well!

posted by Mary on march 1, 2005

Just lovely. Where do you find our Phidar patterns? Do you buy them in French or can you get them in English? I love the stuff I've seen from them but can't ever seem to find the pattern books.

posted by Michelle on march 1, 2005

Thanks everyone! Despite my initial frustration getting this sweater started, it really did turn out great. The pattern was excellent and no, Anne-Caroline, I haven't had any problems with the open neckline flopping around. :)

posted by alison on march 2, 2005


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