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Get the vcr/dvd player for the car! Then you can knit with reckless abandon. Will see you when I return from my two week tour with twins.

Happy Holiday's and enjoy the convention!


posted by Gina on april 11, 2003

Have a great time! Maybe the little angels will sleep during the car ride allowing for some lovely knitting time?

posted by claudia on april 11, 2003

ooh columbus, my hometown. I haven't spent much time there in a while, but I do have a coupe of suggestions for entertainment. If you can, devote a day to COSI, the Center for Science and Industry, if the boys enjoy our Museum of Science. On nice days a walk through "German Village" and the "Short North" would be nice. i'd be interested in hearing what, if anything, you discover in the way of yarn shops. Enjoy the trip. will miss reading your blog. tammey

posted by tammey on april 11, 2003

Wow, a 12 hour car ride with the little ones. You are far braver than I. We last about two hours max in any car trip. Though we are contemplating a ride across America in an RV this summer. Just have to work on convincing the hubby a bit more. Columbus?!? May I suggest a more exotic locale for the next gaming convention? Someplace WARM??? Have a safe and very happy trip.

posted by Kerstin on april 11, 2003

I love the title! I was reading Hop on Pop to Brooke this morning and the Mr Brown goes out of town bit is her favourite.

Good luck with the 12 hour car ride, I don't think Brooke would sit still for that long in the car. Do they still sleep when you're travelling? i think I'd be tempted to drive overnight so that they didn't know much about it!! have a great time...

posted by Kerrie on april 11, 2003

Safe travels and a fun time to y'all! Three hours is my max car experience with my toddler. I couldn't find an email link on your site, but wanted to tell you I put your button and link on my new blog.

posted by Maggi on april 11, 2003

So you are a gaming geek, too? That makes you very German. Do you know this great Web-Site:

Have fun at the convention and hope you will find lots of enjoyable places in Columbus.

posted by Karin on april 11, 2003

Hi Alison--have fun on your vacation! Good luck with the 12-hour car trip--I admire your fortitude. :-) Another added bonus of night travel: fewer cars/trucks on the road.

posted by Leigh on april 11, 2003

Wow...a 12 hour drive with the boys. Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself boardgaming. We'll miss you!

P.S. I went to the States with J.D. for about three months, and during the time we were there we travelled from California to Texas during a three day road trip. Five of us (my parents, my husband, me and the kid) were crammed in the car - a Land Rover, thank HEAVENS - for 7 hour drives with loooooots of breaks in between. The breaks help, believe me. It was so hard to keep a baby entertained in the car for so long!

P.P.S. Sending something else to you soon; hopefully it'll be there in time to welcome you back home :-)

posted by Becky on april 11, 2003

I'm not going to show your gaming pages to my husband! I'm not! I'm not! Otherwise you might end up with him in your trunk hitching a ride! (I can hear him now: "Games...must play games...")

posted by Kim on april 11, 2003

I was just over at Kerrie's Place-and saw that you had written a note about wanting to see the Mellor book-since I have been following your twins-you might be interested in the book for two reasons-think "Pirate Sweater" and "Tiger Vest"-oh soooooo cool!

posted by Deb on april 11, 2003

Small world! Say hello in Columbus to my good friend Ron Magin at Cafe Games! His little boy is my girl's best playmate. Have fun and good luck on the trip.

posted by Karen on april 11, 2003

My dad was a long distance drive junky. At around the same age, we drove to Cairns, dragging a caravan & dog. A trip of close to 2,000 mls - 1 way. Regular stops, lots of silly games (it's where I learnt all my childhood songs) & playing on the toy piano - much to my father's disgust. He hoped that by the end of the trip, I at least would be able to produce something melodic. My small advice, make it a fun environment & they'll accompany you anywhere - cos they know they are a family fun unit, rather than a stressful place that has to be gotten over with. Hell, think of all those wonderful trucks to point out - evil laugh

posted by peter on april 12, 2003

Thanks for the bon voyage wishes and tips, everyone. Alas, we are driving during the day, but we are planning many stops and hoping to see lots of trucks! ;) We're leaving early next week, so I'll still be blogging for a couple of days. And depending on the amenities at the hotel, I might update from Columbus once or twice.

Karin, I actually started playing German games while I was living in Germany and got my husband hooked as well. Karen, I'll see if I run into your friend Ron in Columbus! And Tammey, I appreciate the local info. We'll definitely be going to the COSI and will take a walk through the German village if the weather's good.

Kerstin, there's an article in this month's Parents magazine about RV'ing - you might check it out in the next waiting room you find yourself in!

posted by alison on april 12, 2003

wow! my husband wants to go to a game convention called origins this summer in columbus!! he did his thesis on games (social history) and now we collect them and that's where he wants to go for our vacation!! how funny!


posted by cheryl on april 13, 2003


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