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That All Seasons Cotton is my new addiction too. :-) Good luck with your trip knitting and I hope you have a wonderful trip Alison!

posted by Leigh on april 14, 2003

I think it's because you rip it all out and start over that you really learn from your mistakes; unlike me, who keeps doing the same stupid thing over and over again. Have a great trip!

posted by dava on april 14, 2003

Have a safe trip. Hope the boys enjoy their trip too! With trucks ready, I say they're all set to go! ;)

posted by ~Jo~ on april 14, 2003

Have a happy, safe trip! We'll miss you while you're gone :-)

posted by Becky on april 14, 2003

Have a great trip - did you receive the email I sent you? I keep getting delivery failures back frmo your email address this morning..

posted by kerrie on april 14, 2003

Have a safe trip and have fun!

posted by Melissa on april 14, 2003

Have a great time. Oliver really loves adventures .I hope the boys do too ;-]

posted by Emma on april 14, 2003

We aren't leaving until next week and already I'm overwhelmed by the idea of packing. Love your happy bag. As a veteran traveller with small children, I recommend bringing a variety of amusements and food, food, food! Have fun on your adventure. :)

posted by Kerstin on april 14, 2003

Have fun on your trip!! I brought a bag of happy with me to my mom's while I "granma-sat" last week, it made the time so much more enjoyable. ;)

Now I'm just waiting for a box of happy from ThreadBear and I'll be all set! :)

posted by Daphne on april 14, 2003

are you sure there's enough yarn in that bag to last you the whole trip? :) have a great time, look forward to more "bugs" when you return, CMS

posted by carolyn on april 14, 2003

Well, with trucks AND yarn, it looks like the bluemobile is the place to be on this trip! Have fun :)

posted by Sarah on april 14, 2003

can't wait to see the rebecca tank when it's finished. i thought about making it too. have a great trip!

posted by melissa on april 14, 2003

Iloved the bags of happy - what a wonderful term hehe
My bag of happy over Easter is much smaller. I'm teaching this break about 4 hrs drive north of Sydney & I get about 1-2 hrs per evening free, so pointless taking huge amounts.

posted by peter on april 14, 2003

Alison! So close but yet...

Columbus is just about a little over an hour from me (Dayton) and even a bit closer to my work (Yellow Springs). Just not sure how we could work out a meet-up between my work schedule and Easter week-end and not exactly sure how long you are there any way.

Email me if you are the optimistic type and want to explore the remote possibilities.

posted by Teresa on april 15, 2003

Hope the trip is wonderful!

posted by claudia on april 16, 2003


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