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you are having too much fun!! and the wee glimpses of the tank look quite lovely. geez, you'll probably get to wear it while you're still there!!

posted by carolyn on april 17, 2003

I'm interested in your boys' distinct personalities ,and aren't they growing up quickly. Sometimes I'd like to slow down the progression to ''big boy'' !
Top is looking lovely - you'll be wearing it before you go home !

posted by Emma on april 17, 2003

I am impressed that you are posting from the road. By what you are wearing, it looks like you have warm temps. It got very cold (again) in New England. Enjoy the convention.

posted by Melissa on april 18, 2003

This has nothing to do with your current entry. :-) I stumbled on to a referance to your Elizabeth III sweater earlier this week, and read your whole saga yesterday. Wow! And the sweater looks beautiful. I'd love to make one like it, but the knitting three times over sounds a bit daunting. I think I'd better wait until I'm knitting more consistantly overall. But it's there in my head tempting me.

And as I try to knit anything with one small child, I become even more impressed by those of you who are managing to turn out amazing projects with *two* small children.

posted by stonering on april 18, 2003

Somehow I missed the part about you being able to update from the road, so when I accidentally clicked on your link, expecting you to still be on vacation, I was extra happy to find a post! And such a great day at the zoo, too! And penguins! I looove penguins!
Oh, and the knitting looks great, too :)

posted by Sarah on april 18, 2003

I'm kicking myself for not reading your blog recently. Are you still in Columbus, by any chance? (I live in Columbus.) There is a fabulous yarn store here, not too far from the convention center. I know you'd love it. Email me for details if you're still in town.

posted by Janet on april 18, 2003


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