comments: is there a knitting store around here?

Alison, you continue to amaze me. Wow, would I love to chronicle my vacation on the blog. Only hubby would have my head for sure. Not even newspapers are allowed. I have to say, I can't complain. When I see people with cells attached to their ears during their entire vacation, I think "thank goodness I didn't marry that dude." I'm from the Midwest, but I never visited Columbus. Your comments echo what I've heard in the past, though. Nice city, very friendly place to live. I'm so glad you're having such a wonderful time. I've been looking at the All Seasons Cotton as well and after hearing you rave about it, I'm very tempted to start a tank soon. Keep on truckin'.

posted by Kerstin on april 21, 2003

Hey Kerstin! I'm not really a gotta have my cell phone and internet all the time kinda person, but we decided to bring the laptop along for the afternoons and evenings when the boys were sleeping and one of us was stuck in the hotel room watching the baby monitor. It was fun blogging the vacation. I hope it will remind me what a good time we had!

posted by alison on april 21, 2003


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