comments: the love affair continues

Wow ! Playtime !
Oliver's favourite vehicle game is when he and daddy play road crash with all his trucks. Guess who started that one. ;-]

posted by Emma on april 19, 2003

How cute! Noel is exactly the same way with all his new trucks and cars (and trains and planes and boats). Your boys look like they are having so much fun...perhaps a side trip is in order the next time we visit Dave's family in Pittsburgh.

posted by Leigh on april 19, 2003

I'm loving the vacation updates! Vicarious vacationing for all of us stuck at home...;-)

posted by claudia on april 21, 2003

i have a quite similar picture of my robin (now 17) i tried making trucks available to my daughter too, but she never fell in love with them.

i did part of my growing up in ohio (lancaster, which i think is fairly near columbus) i liked that ohio had all the seasons, but they were milder than michigan & minnesota where we also had lived.

posted by mare on april 21, 2003

What a cute boy/truck pic! :) The boys sure seem to have enjoyed their visit to the museum. Glad to hear the trip went well. Can't wait to see you back home with more knitting pics to show! ;)

posted by ~Jo~ on april 21, 2003


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