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So glad you made it back in one piece. Sorry about the server blues.

posted by michelle on april 21, 2003

Is my memory failing, or what?? You are in massachusetts? we've probably already had this "conversation" before and I am just showing my tendancy to forget things.....
Oh, by the way, thanks for implanting that song in my brain. "Fair thee well, fair thee well, fair thee well my fairy fay...." Come on , hum along!!!!!!!!!:) Thanks for bringing a nice memory back from my kids childhood!

posted by Sandy on april 21, 2003

Glad you had a nice vacation and have arrived home safely.

All your talk about All Seasons Cotton has got me really interested in using it. We just got some of their new varigated version in stock. Not sure I want to make anything for myself but I do need to come up with something for my friend's new adopted son. Any suggestions for patterns for newborns using this yarn?

posted by Larry on april 21, 2003

I made a baby jacket from Pipsqueaks in All Seasons Cotton for my girl, but the pattern is a bit too girly for a boy IMO. It's kind of a chunky yarn for a very small baby, unless you make a blanket. Something in a two-year size might go very well, though.

Funny to see the Magna Doodle in your photo, Alison -- Alex got one in her Easter basket yesterday and has been drawing madly ever since.

posted by Karen on april 21, 2003

Welcome back!! All this time you've been updating, and I had no idea. If I had known, I would have been coming in here everyday for my necessary Blue Blog fix. My one consolation is that I can now devour all the entries I missed in one go. Tee hee!

posted by Becky on april 22, 2003

Yes, Sandy I am in Mass. Did I confuse you by posting from Columbus?!

Larry, I think I agree with Karen about the all season's cotton being a bit bulky. But then again, I'm using Dale Baby Ull at a gauge of 9st/in. for my boys' sweaters, so maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment! I'll poke around in my baby patterns and see if I find anything that would work. Good luck coming up with something for you're friend's son. It's so wonderful to knit for babies - so much joy and so many good wishes go into the knitting.

posted by alison on april 24, 2003


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