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That filly cardigan sure is nice. Are you sure you want to bring a sweater along for vacation knitting? Wait. You are Alison, speed knitter. Sorry. Ignore me.

posted by claudia on september 29, 2003

The cardigan! The cardigan! It looks like so much fun to knit with all those crazy colours, and I think it will be very happy knitting.

posted by marrije on september 29, 2003

Haha, you're calling it leigh's sweater? How bout poor leigh never finished it sweater? hee hee
I'm gonna vote for that one because I love it! Although, the filly sweater is a very close second.

Where is "snowy" from?

posted by Leigh on september 29, 2003

I vote for the filly cardigan. Love the colors. How about a picture of the finished ladybug fair isle?


posted by Barbara on september 29, 2003

I love Filly, but all those color changes? I vote for the blue one! Love that neckline, wish my fat neck could wear it.

posted by Chris on september 29, 2003

Filly. I wish I was making it, so I might as well get a vicarious thrill through you.

posted by michelle on september 29, 2003

Leigh, the snowy sweater is from More Sweaters, a book of norwegian patterns from Tone Takle and Lise Kolstad.

Barbara, I've only finished the knitting on the bug sweater (I posted a picture of the body on Friday). I haven't done any of the steeking or finishing yet. It's one of the two projects still to come in the pre-vacation finishing fiesta!

posted by alison on september 29, 2003

I love your picks and will go agains the crowd and say sooty mango--because it's quick and easy and good for vacation knitting. Everyone needs a low-stress project on vacation. Have fun deciding.

posted by Steph on september 29, 2003

Sooty mango 'cause it looks easy and don't you have concerns about KIFOF? (Knitting In Front of Family?) Of course, I would bring at least two projects in case one doesn't work out. Actually, I'd bring three. Just to cover all the bases. :)

posted by Kerstin on september 29, 2003

I love Leigh's sweater. I'll vote for that one just because I wish I was knitting it for myself. Beautiful style and colours, and a very flattering design. Where's that one from?

posted by Sarah on september 29, 2003

:-) Okay, I just have to bring it up--Do you have any plans to pick up some new projects while you are on vacation?

posted by Leigh on september 29, 2003

Where is the Philly Cardigan pattern from? I'm loving it so much!!!

posted by kimberly on september 29, 2003

Sarah, the so-called leigh's sweater is from Phildar's automne magazine, which you can buy in french direcly from Phildar at or in english from

Kimberly, the filly pattern is also from Phildar, but from their summer Evasion magazine, which I don't see listed for sale anymore at either of the two sites above (you could email knitntyme and ask). I'll refer you to the comments of a previous post for suggestions from others about finding the yarn and pattern.

Leigh and Kerstin, you are sooo smart. Of course there's a little something already on its way to my in-laws that'll make a super quick, easy peasy little project. ;0)

posted by alison on september 29, 2003

one more vote for the fily cardigan. that is beautiful!

posted by kay on september 29, 2003

I love the Filly cardigan. The colours are so funky. Although, the other projects look great, too. Hard to decide.

posted by Uli on september 29, 2003

I like the filly cardigan. Seems to be the leader here. The blue sweater might be a little more care-free.

posted by Melissa on september 29, 2003

I vote for the blue sweater. To me, the blue sweater looks like a variation of mango, but with sleeves. Since you knit so quickly, I think mango would be done before you know it. The sleeves would be a little speed bump on your road to finishing paradise. I am in absolute love with filly, but I want to be able to watch your progress on it (vicarious knitting is a swell thing). I'll be interested in seeing what you come back with!

posted by Dava on september 29, 2003

Filly filly filly...filly

posted by Silvia on september 29, 2003

I vote for "sooty mango"! Of course the filly cardie is fabulous, no one's arguing with that, but would it be a good vacation project? All those colours! I'd definitely take something more straightforward on a holiday. But then again, as Claudia pointed out, you are THE speed knitter... Maybe sooty mango AND filly!

posted by other alison on september 29, 2003

May I join in on the ponch-o-long? Looks like great fun and something my kiddo would love to wear.

posted by Bliss on september 29, 2003

The filly cardigan, pleaaaase, Alison ! The colors are so gorgeous...
So : filly filly filly filly...

posted by Isabelle on september 30, 2003

i like the snowy!!

posted by C. on january 11, 2004


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