comments: gone knittin'

Are you going to be doing the big collar on Mango?

posted by Linda on october 17, 2003

I love the pictures. Could you back peddle and tell me the exact Michelle Wyman pattern you used for that scrumptious wedding afghan?

Your blog has become an inspiration.

Back to my socks!! Happy knitting

posted by Donna on october 17, 2003

Hooray, you're there safe and sound! How were the boys on the flight? Here's hoping Dora and Bob did the trick!

posted by shannon on october 17, 2003

Have fun on vacation!

posted by Rebecca on october 17, 2003

Glad you got there safe and sound--enjoy your vacation!

posted by Leigh on october 17, 2003

Just got the Autumn Phildar yesterday and I LOVE IT!!!! - thanks for posting it on your site, I would not have sought it out otherwise!

posted by Lisa on october 17, 2003

Linda, oh yeah - big collar all the way!

Donna, I'm not at home to check the specific pattern that I used. I'll see if I can find it on the net somewhere and let you know.

Shannon, trip details coming soon! Thanks for the ride. :0)

Lisa, if you decide to make something from the catalog, let me know, I'll add you to the knitalong list.

posted by alison on october 17, 2003

Hope you are enjoying your vacation!! Can I be added to the Phildar knit-a-long? As soon as I receive the yarn from Becky I'll get started.

posted by Sara on october 17, 2003

I hope you have a great vacation!

posted by Kathy on october 17, 2003

You're welcome! And I'm really glad that the trip went well and that you've all made it there safe and sound. Enjoy your visit and thanks for keeping us posted with your news! How fun it is to have you on the same continent for a while :-)

posted by Becky on october 18, 2003


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