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Kids will surprise you. Ours are old hands at flying (maybe because our lives as a family (they are adopted) started with such long (20+ hours) flights. Last year we went to Florida and it was the first time we travelled without carseats, boosters, strollers etc. It was amazing!

I hear that knitting is being allowed again on flights-I sure hope so as we are hoping to go overseas in the next year or so.

Wonderful blog-great knitting!


posted by amysue on october 19, 2003

Since you have proof that they fit under the seat, can you claim them as carry-on luggage? Have a great vacation Alison!

posted by Dava on october 19, 2003

Just cannot imagine my 2 year old Jesse doing that. I would love to take him to England to see my Father but I *know* the rest of the passengers would want to lynch me by the end of the trip.

posted by Jackie on october 19, 2003

Man, I wish I could fit down on the floor like that... Have a great time.

posted by Rachael on october 19, 2003

Yay for sleeping toddlers! I see Stefan had his mini-blankie, too -- I'm sure that helped! I hope you're all enjoying yourselves.

You were missed at KnitSmiths...

posted by shannon on october 19, 2003

Um, it's not just 2 year olds who do that. . . I have slept on the floor of a plane as recently as 3 years ago! ;o) You just have to be in the middle section of 5 seats on a big plane so that your feet don't stick out into the isle and get run over. Oh, and don't let them see you or you get yelled at. It's cold down there though!

posted by ivete on october 19, 2003

Sounds and looks like your sons did very well.

Hope they are adjusting time-wise.

posted by Melissa on october 20, 2003


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