comments: the Hinterlands

Love the pictures of the boys. They made me smile (and it takes alot to make me smile on a Monday morning at work)!

posted by Linda on october 20, 2003

aw - i love that photo of the 2 of them. they look as though they are having a great vacation..

posted by kerrie on october 20, 2003

Your boys are so sweet.
Weren't they good on the flight ? :0)

posted by Emma on october 20, 2003

It is really beautiful there. Missed you at Rhinebeck!

posted by claudia on october 20, 2003

it looks like you are having a great time--what a beautiful place!

posted by Leigh on october 20, 2003

See? You're having a Rhinebeck vacation after all. Sheep, geese, mountains . . . you even have contact with fiber friends.

P.S. You are coming along next year. You have NO choice in the matter. ;)

posted by Kerstin on october 20, 2003

Oooh, you have such cute boys, I swear! And the view is so pretty :)

posted by Amber on october 20, 2003

How cute are those guys! Your inlaws must be beside themselves with grandparent joy. Hopefully there'll be some time for yarn buying...

posted by Silvia on october 20, 2003

Such a sweet picture of your sons.

posted by Melissa on october 20, 2003

I just can't get over how adorable your kidlets are! Too cute for words--and you have TWO!


posted by Judy on october 20, 2003


posted by Becky on october 21, 2003

You know what? That geese-delight doesn't end, either. My two sisters and I still still laugh like that at geese (and a lot of other stuff). They're perfect boys. :) Enjoy your time in the HLands.

posted by Rachael on october 21, 2003


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