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Hallo Alison,
wellcome in Germany! Your boys look so sweet on the pictures. I am glad that you had a pleasant journey! Hope you get over your jet-lag soon.

posted by Inga on october 21, 2003

jet lag is always worse coming to europe than going to the states i find. , how are the boys doing with it?

Of course you need to find a local yarn store, think of all that lovely yarn just waiting for you. it would be rude not to at least take a look at it.

posted by kerrie on october 21, 2003

Where there's sheep, there MUST be yarn. Too bad you don't know how to shear, card, comb, dye and spin. ;)

posted by Kerstin on october 21, 2003

So what is it with ASC and knots? I am working on Kelly in a beautiful muted brown whose name I have forgotten and came across a knot which would have been quite visible in my back. So I stopped at the end of the row, cut out the knot and started the next row with a new tail. Am I crazy? I'm not sure why but I expected more from Rowan...

posted by Samantha on october 21, 2003

I had a knot problem with the Rowan Cork yarn. It was very frustrating. There were at least two knots per ball and sometimes more. I agree that I expected better from Rowan. It's the most expensive splurge yarn I've bought and made a beautiful, light, and soft product but the knots were a pain.

posted by Johanna on october 21, 2003

A vacation, even if it's a vacation from massive knitting, is a good thing! Do they have Schokinag chocolate even in the hinterlands? Hope you and all your boys are having a great time!

posted by Mariko on october 21, 2003

One of my expert yarn friends tells me that the more expensive the yarn, the more likely you are to find knots in it. Why? Because the manufacturer doesn't want any waste. The yarn breaks, they knot it together and continue on. She's found them in $25 skeins. Not good.

This is why you should learn to spin, Alison. You could see to it that there are no knots in your skeins. ;)


posted by Kerstin on october 22, 2003

oh no, lookit Kerstin trying to induct you into the world of spinning (hee hee!)

posted by Leigh on october 22, 2003

With all the asc tanks I made this summer I must have used 30 balls of all seasons cotton. I've only found three knots in all those skeins, including the two in this one. So I'm not complaining! Johanna, was your Cork yarn from a discontinued lot? My sooty is. Maybe that makes a difference??? Let me go on record as saying that I still LOVE all seasons cotton and pretty much every other Rowan yarn I've ever used.

As long as Rowan and Phildar stay in business, there'll be no spinning for me, Kerstin! ;0)

posted by alison on october 22, 2003


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