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Cool shopping trolleys ! Oliver would love a go in one of those.He loves shopping !
Have fun shopping.Looking forward to seeing the vests.Vests = great garments for little people,keep the body warm without having to worry about dipping sleeves in the paint / glue / sand / play dough ...

posted by Emma on october 26, 2003

It would be a good idea to get matching thread for your material while you are there. I've made the mistake of buying fabric when I was overseas and then found I couldn't get matching thread once I was home. Same thing for buttons or zippers if you know you'll need them.

posted by Charlotte on october 26, 2003

Oh, you got some nice loot! Methinks you're an ace at shopping.

And here I was thinking that those shopping cart cars were a French thing; the kid rides one every time we go to Auchan. It's not free and I gotta leave an i.d., but it keeps the kid entertained while I shop :-)

posted by Becky on october 27, 2003

Those shopping carts are great aren't they? Our local supermarket has them and Brooke always loves to ride in them. It almost takes away the pain of grocery shopping doesn't it?

posted by kerrie on october 27, 2003


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