comments: picture day

oooh - those vests look gorgeous, i can't wait to see them modelled..

posted by kerrie on october 27, 2003

those vests are so sweet or suss. The action shots will be fab! Good thing you didn't need to do just one more row...

Maybe sooty mango won't be so linty once the yarn is washed with fabric softener, sometimes this help with my vast black clothing items. It looks great as is though!

posted by Silvia on october 27, 2003

I look forward to seeing the vests on your sons. You always seem to have great yardage karma.

posted by Melissa on october 27, 2003

Yardage karma! Another way of accessing the Yarn Gods?! You've been gone a long time...when are you coming back?

posted by claudia on october 28, 2003

Can't wait to see those vests modelled. I'm glad you had enough yarn. If you had run out, I would have been able to send over my leftovers because I knit the vest in the same shade. Speaking of which, I tried Captain Destructo's vest on him the other day, and it still fits!

posted by Becky on october 28, 2003

Really cute vests! Cuttin' fine on the yarn, though -- Brave Knitter!

posted by Marg on october 28, 2003

I would have been so nervous knitting with only that much yarn left! Aaack!

posted by Stacy (ssk) on october 30, 2003


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