comments: flying with toddlers isn't so bad, after all

Backpacks and lollipops are *key.* One year we bought little "fishermen type" vests from L.L. Bean (they have tons of pockets inside and out) thinking it would be easier for two little boys to carry their stuff. They wore them once. So, backpacks it is!

posted by Kerstin on september 10, 2004

What are you knitting?? New project you didn't tell us about?

posted by Helene on september 10, 2004

We lived in the UK for 2 years, for Gracie that was 3-5 and Cameron birth to 2. The backpack was key. And a new, little toy too. Lots of snacks. The tv's are awesome though. Gracie has seen some movies she shouldn't really Chocolate and Grouchy Tiger. :) Have a fabulous trip. Klaralund looks amazing. Still haven't decided if it is for me...but definately looks great on you.

posted by Kathleen on september 10, 2004

I learned one important thing while flying with my daughter earlier this year. She was 9 months old at the time and was in the "I can crawl and I can stand and I just want to move around all the time!" phase. A couple of our flights fell during nap/bedtime. If we ever have to fly with her again, I'm totally booking flights during nap/bedtime. Makes for a much smoother flight!

posted by Natalie on september 10, 2004

Now that looks like a wonderful, smooth trip! Yay! Glad to see you're still online, and hope you have a marvelous time!

posted by Jackie on september 10, 2004

How in the heck did you get Addi Turbos on that flight? I spend time planning out my knitting so that I'm on bamboo circs for any air travel that I have, but would love to be able to take my addis...

posted by Julia on september 10, 2004

Hey Alison,

how did you manage to get those knitting needles on board?
I flew a week ago with KLM and they told me: no needles, not even bamboo dpn's!
I was rather frustrated, 11 hours to fly with no knitting :o(

Viel Spaß in Deutschland und viele Grüße, Anja :o)

posted by Anja on september 10, 2004

Yes, it was a great flight. The boys slept all the way. Woo hoo! I did a little bit of knitting, but tried to rest after the movie to ward off jet lag. I guess I should have titled this post "flying with knitting needles isn't so hard after all," since everyone seems so astonished that I snuck on with them. I had heard that they were okay again, so I put them in the carry on and didn't think about them at all until the boys were asleep on board. Having two toddlers, five bags, a stroller and many pairs of shoes to deal with at security kept me from even thinking about the fact that they were there and might cause a problem. I suppose it's always up to the discretion of the security personnel. The people at our security post seemed very sensible - not unthorough, just not uptight about limitations that have been lifted. But the needles I brought were Inox needles (made of aluminium, not brass like Addis) and I made sure to remove all cutting instruments from my carry on bag.

posted by alison on september 10, 2004

End the suspense--what are you making with that wonderful yarn? (Your boys are just precious;
hopefully, they continued to sleep to give you mommy time to knit on the flight!)


P.S. Thanks for posting while on vacation-your site is so much fun!

posted by leslie on september 11, 2004


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