comments: sneak peek

The secret project is just lovely, and indeed looks tasty! My favorite rationalizations for leaving weaving until the end are (1) it's a bear to frog something with woven ends, and (2) it's easier and probably neater to hide the ends in the seam. Missed you at Knitsmiths las Sunday! It was a smallish but interesting group. Tchuss!

posted by suzanne on september 14, 2004

You know I'd weave your ends for you. :)

posted by michelle on september 14, 2004

The colors of your secret project are "yummy" - someone is going to be so lucky! Keep us posted, pls and keep knitting!!


posted by leslie on september 14, 2004

you say sherbert, i say sherbet...let's call the whole thing the blog entries from deutschland....looking forward to seeing you when you get back...i can't seem to seam that friggin DB wrappy dress....

posted by lisa b on september 14, 2004

Every time I knit something stripey like this, I think..."Aw heck, I'll weave in the ends when it's done and just enjoy the knitting for now." And every time I finish up such a project I vow..."I'll never do this to myself again!" LOL

posted by Joni on september 15, 2004


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