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Best graffitti I've seen in years !

posted by Emma on september 15, 2004

Wow. Thanks for sharing the photo.

posted by Melissa on september 15, 2004

You mean f*cking for virginity doesn't work??? ;) I've seen some awesome bumper stickers around the greater Boston area lately. Yesterday's tickler was "Passion of the Anti-Christ. Starring George W. Bush" The one I saw out in Ipswich was my favorite: "WHAT WOULD JESUS BOMB?"

posted by Kerstin on september 15, 2004

I need the "What Would Jesus Bomb?" sticker for the sides of my van! (I've covered the back already.)

Love the graffiti!

posted by Jenanne on september 15, 2004

ha! that's great. thanks for sharing.

posted by jody on september 15, 2004

Great photo and message.

posted by Bdot on september 15, 2004

Much better than Swiss graffiti.

posted by claudia on september 15, 2004

Oh that is excellent! and so well worded!


posted by Heather on september 15, 2004

yuck, glad my daughter wasnt sitting next to me. I didnt need to read that.

posted by marlo on september 15, 2004

A little shocker now and then in the knit blog world is sooo refreshing! Any thoughts on why it's in English and not German?

posted by Ara on september 15, 2004

They missed an "N."
Nothing worse than misspelled graffiti! ;)

posted by Natalie on september 15, 2004

Right on!

Sure miss the graffiti of European subways.

posted by Jackie on september 15, 2004

Love that graffiti!

I am so envious of you being in Germany. I want to go there so bad (I've never been). More than even Hawaii or Barbados or Paris, I want to tour Germany.

So you are visiting family, right? Were you born in Germany as well? Did you grow up there? What is it like?

My grandparents came from Germany. My parents forgot how to speak german and I never learned but just have this desire to go to where my grandparents were born and raised to kind of connect with that part of my heritage. I actually think it would be cool to be an exchange student or to get a work visa and live there for a year or two. Then again, I've never been there so I could hate it.

Blah blah, I'm blabbing. Anyway, have LOADS of fun on your vacation. I tell you, those boys of yours get cuter each day!

posted by Crystal on september 15, 2004

Also asking: Where are you now? ;-) Greetings from near Munich (they are preparing for the Oktoberfest)

posted by Nicole on september 15, 2004

Wow, that is so perfect. Can't wait to tell my husband that one.

posted by Bonnie on september 15, 2004

This is great!
Where are you in Germany???
Here not only you are able to post as soon as Wendy, but you probably are among the first ones reading her am I....

posted by Marta on september 16, 2004

The Germans love to use english. I guess they think that little sayings sound cooler in english and that they sound cooler saying them in english. Oh and the "f-word" isn't really a big curse word over here. It's more like saying crap in America. Sort of like cussing-lite.

And for those who want the whole story on why the heck I'm in Germany. Hubby is German and we met while I was studying abroad in Munich. Whenever we come over to visit his family, we try to take a little trip back to Munich since it's such a great city. There you have it! :)

posted by alison on september 18, 2004


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