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The smoke is bad ,but the coffee, the cakes!

posted by Cyndy on september 17, 2004

No knitting -- aren't you going thru knitting withdrawal? Keep the posts coming!!


posted by leslie on september 17, 2004

Too bad you are too early for Oktoberfest! I've been to Munich twice, right around Christmas Market time. Are you going to see Ludwig's castle?

Enjoy the rest of your trip!

posted by sue on september 17, 2004

I'm so glad you guys have taken a few days to yourselves! (I'm also a little confused about the "no knitting" thing, but I suppose that if you really go into withdrawal that there are a few shops around the city where you can get a quick fix!) Enjoy!

posted by shannon on september 17, 2004

love Marienplatz--I bought a cuckoo clock in this store on the Marienplatz--it was fun to be in the store when all the clocks were cuckooing and chiming.

posted by Leigh on september 17, 2004

Let's Germany the food is WAY better and there isn't any Bush. I've even got relatives and can slaughter the local language. Sign me up!

posted by claudia on september 17, 2004

Marienplatz! I lived in Munich for almost 9 years. I live about 65km far away, now, but I seldom go there. Enjoy the city, the good beer and the crowd!

posted by Marta on september 18, 2004


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