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Have a safe trip home! :)

posted by ~Jo~ on september 21, 2004

I just want to know one thing... what's it like travelling overseas with twins?!! We will be going to England in November with our 3 yr old twin girls... I am so not looking forward to the flight, but they do pretty well on the 4 hour flight to Toronto, so hopefully it won't be too bad. Any advice?!

posted by Belinda on september 21, 2004

Whew! Glad you made it to a Biergarten before heading back to New England and those nutty blue laws! No alcohol buying on Sundays--unless it's the holiday season. Crazy reasoning. Wishing you a good trip home.

posted by Silvia on september 21, 2004

weasley along??? We need to know more about this!!

posted by Helene on september 22, 2004

By the way: hope you had a safe trip home!

I guess the Banff-along is pretty old, but was there a time limit there? I can se quite a few blue names still. If you still take new members, may be you could add me? Need some preasure to pick it up again. I'm still on the ribbing of the second sleve!

posted by Helene on september 22, 2004

Belinda, the key to surviving the plane trips this time around was the boys' sleeping. They slept the whole way on the trip over and for about half of the trip back. We took late flights (all leaving close to their bedtime) and that was a HUGE help. We also brought a laptop (and an extra laptop battery) with their favorite DVD's copied onto the harddrive, so they could watch Dora and Heidi during the flight. I bought them some new toys in case they needed a pick-me-up at some point and lots of snacks that they're not allowed to eat usually. We go over every year and it's gotten better each year. The first two times were much rougher. But we just kept telling ourselves that the longest the flight was going to take was 7-8 hours and then no matter how little they slept, or how much they screamed, it was going to be over. No matter how bad it might be, it won't last forever. Keeping that in mind really helped. Oh and we always had some juice or lollipops or gummibears or something similar to get them drinking/sucking/swallowing during takeoff and landing. We never had any earache screaming. Best of luck on your trip!!

Of course, Helene! I don't like putting knitalongs to rest when they're, let's say, in season. I noticed that as spring approached a lot of sweatpant and Banff knitalongers put their winter projects aside to knit lighter things. Now that it's getting to be Fall again, I'm sure that there will be more activity on those two knitalongs again. So they're staying for a while. I'll add you right away!

posted by alison on september 22, 2004


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