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happy Banff knitting!

banff on a budget

Modifications for making a downsized Banff sweater.

I found this old store model in my LYS's sale bin. I loved the yarn, but the shape of the sweater (with angled ribbing and poofy sleeves) left a lot to be desired, so I ripped it back to the straight ribbing and reknit it as Banff. As I was limited to only the yarn that was in the original sweater, I couldn't make a genuine, big Banff, and yet I just kept thinking that this sweater had to become a Banff, somehow. So here's the somehow for those of you who are interested in a Banff with a more standard fit.

See Knitty.com for original pattern by Jenna Wilson.


Bust: 42"
Length: 22"
Sleeve Length: 17 1/2" to underarm
Sleeve Width: 14" at underarm


BACK: Cast on 74 st. and work in 2x2 rib for 4 1/2", ending on WS row. Switch to stockinette stitch, increasing as indicated in the pattern. Work even on these 78 st. for 10". Bind off and do raglan decreases as written in pattern until 34 st. remain. Follow shoulder instructions as in original pattern.

FRONT: Work as for BACK above, doing ribbing, increases, armhole bind offs and decreases until 46 st. remain. Then follow instructions as given in pattern.

SLEEVES: Cast on 38 st. and work in 2x2 rib for 4 1/2", ending on WS row. Switch to stockinette stitch, increasing 6st. evenly over the first row. Increase one stitch at each end every 16 rows until you have 50 st. on needle. Work even until sleeve measures 17 1/2", ending with WS row.

(Note: I kept the original ribbing from the store model that I was working with. That sweater had narrower sleeves at the bottom. If you want to have a bigger, straighter sleeve like in the real Banff pattern, I'd suggest casting on 46 st. at the beginning of the sleeve, increasing 4 st. evenly on the first row after the ribbing, and leaving out all other increases.)

Bind off 4 st. at each end of next two rows. Work raglan decreases as given BUT instead of working the raglan decreases every row, *decrease in next four rows, then work one row even*. Repeat from *to* until 8 st. remain. (This has the effect of spreading out the decreases, similar to if you were doing decreases on both ends of a single row every two and every three rows alternately.) Follow pattern for top of sleeve.

Sew it up. Pick up 64 st. around neck for turtleneck. Work neck in 2x2 rib as long as you want (I had enough yarn for 8") and bind off in pattern.

all patterns and images © Alison Hansel
and are shared here for individual personal use only