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oooh - those bobs are too cute! travel can really mess up kids routines can't it? i'm sure you'll be back to normal in no time though.

what about keeping you occupied on the flight, were you allowed to knit?

posted by kerrie on october 31, 2003

Isn't it amazing how these little guys pick up things and love their characters. Erika picked up her first Bob the Builder video at the video store last week. She decided she wanted to see Bob. On Saturday morning I gave her a choice of Bob the Builder or Barney (who she already knows intimately from the computer) and she comes up with "Builder". I was trying to figure out how she knew that this was Bob the Builder and how she come up with this new word that she had never used before.... until my husband came to my aid and reminded me that Bob the Builder commercials were on as the commercials to all her Wiggles DVDs and videos. Go figure......... they're so smart and the marketing guys out there sure know what they're doing.

Yes, a good sleeping schedule sure helps with the knitting progress. Ours is all out to lunch right now. Night time seems to be coming later and later.

Is it true that Halloween is being celebrated somewhat in Germany now, too? Never was when I was a kid there.

Happy Halloween and Happy Knitting.

posted by Uli on october 31, 2003

No knitting for me. I read the Dora books out loud about 15 times! And we had to help the boys hold the Leap Pads so they wouldn't fall on the floor. We managed to close our eyes a bit and listen to the Charlie's Angels sequel while the boys watched their video. But then I had to play toy manager again after that: "Hey look it's a Bob truck. Wow, isn't that cool. Wouldn't you like to play with this?"

Uli, Halloween has really caught on in Germany. There's Halloween pumpkin marzipan and Halloween Kinderschokolade for sale and the same witch and bat and pumpkin decorations up in the stores. And the Frankfurter U-Bahn video screen explained about kids going around from house to house, saying "Streich or Suesses".

posted by alison on october 31, 2003

''...can we fix it ?''
I think so,don't you.
We love scoop in this house :0)
More knitting time ... now there's something to ask Santa for !

posted by Emma on october 31, 2003

So glad you had a good trip! Love your sons' Halloween outfits. Bob is my son's IDOL. All I gotta do is yell, "Can we fix it?" and the kid yells back, "Yes, we CAN!" :-)

posted by Becky on november 1, 2003

Twin Bobs. They are adorable. Sounds as if your vacation was wonderful! I'm sure it feels good to be home, you world traveler you!
Nowie knitsmiths!!!:)

posted by Sandy on november 1, 2003

Welcome back!

posted by claudia on november 1, 2003

My Godson Jake think Bob walks on water. He told his Mom if Daddy can't do it, she should marry Bob because "BOB CAN!!!" Too cute in their costumes!

posted by Kristine on november 1, 2003

Welcome back Alison!

Could I have your email address? I finished my poncho and I need to send off the photos to you! Thanks!

posted by Rose on november 1, 2003

Liv loves Bob, too. We even gave out Bob gummy candies for Halloween. (I'd bring you some except they were very popular. With me. teehee)

posted by Kerstin on november 2, 2003

Welcome home! Caroline's not into Bob, maybe because I fast forward thru his commercial on the Wiggles tape . . . Such adorable little Bobs!

posted by Maggi on november 3, 2003


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