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Alison, where are you in Germany??? I actually live in Germany! Would like to know!
I wish you a nice time with Oma and Opa!

posted by Marta on september 12, 2004

Hello Marta! We're in the Hinterlands in Hessen, a little more than an hour north of Frankfurt. There are some pics of the area in a post from last years vacation, here.

posted by alison on september 13, 2004

It was a gorgeous day for the Knit Out but you didn't miss much. Except the chance to hang in the Common with Sandy, Johanna, Terri, Julia and Kimberly. :) The stores had booths set up for information dissemination only. No yarn buying to be had. Knitsmiths was quiet, but it was a perfect New England day so only the nuttiest among us attended.

That's your Boston update. Anything else you want to know? Enjoy your vacation!

posted by Kerstin on september 13, 2004

I started reading your every post during your German Vacation time last year. Funny at the begining I thought you lived in Germany. Yea I did catch up eventually : ) I've really enjoyed everything you have shared and those little boys are just so wonderful. Have a wonderful time we will all be here when you get back.

posted by Cindy on september 13, 2004

The new knitty is excellent - perhaps I should have waited to tell you until you're back in surfing country, but it's news, so there you are!

posted by Donna on september 13, 2004

Knitsmiths is not the same without you!

posted by Dava on september 15, 2004


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