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Finished just in time for St. Patrick's Day - my fabulous green tweed sweater. The yarn is Takhi Windsor Tweed, which one of the Knitsmiths found at a yard sale and brought to our yarn swap. And the pattern is Able from Rowan #33, which I fell in love with the moment I saw it. After recalculating everything for my gauge, making the sweater a bit longer and narrower and adding waist shaping, it is the best fitting sweater I've knitted so far.

Update: Although I thought this was the perfect sweater when I finished knitting it, I've since lost a few pounds and gained an appreciation for more fitted sweaters, so I've ripped this sweater out and intend to reknit it. Since the wool stayed rather stiff and scratchy, I've also decided it would be better as a jacket than as a pullover. I'm hoping to turn it into this jacket also from Rowan #33.

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