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an afghan

A project one and a half years in the making! I had the idea to make a mitred square afghan for my in-laws and bought the yarn back in the winter of 2006. I tried many different mitre patterns, but settled on this simple single mitre design to get the lovely diagonals to move through the entire blanket. Baby and book forced me to put the project on hold, but when we decided to go to Germany for Christmas 07, I knew I had to finish it up and give it to them. I ended up using 21 one skeins of Manos in 9 different colors. The finished blanket is about 4 ft. square. And it's heavy! Thank goodness I cut it down to 64 squares instead of my original plan of 80! I wove in the last ends the night before we were to return to America. Phew, what a project! But well worth all the work.

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